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Looking for a new Bathroom? Ausgood (Licensed Family Home Builders/Renovators) can help all the way. We plan a smooth makeover of your home – we are the experts at rapid, efficient renovations.

Our service start before the project begins – we outline the project in full, discuss every detail with you, so that you are fully informed. Of course, sometimes we can uncover an issue when we start – but the choice to rectify or ignore is always yours.




Commitment, quality and experience – that’s what you get with Ausgood Home Improvements. Please call John on 0402 250 445 for free friendly advice and quote on home renovations, extensions and home alterations.Changing with the times
Even the best homes, the newest homes, sometimes need modification. Your needs can change in unexpected ways, and perhaps you’re now thinking of a renovation.
When you come to sell the house, a new bathroom or extra bedrooms can substantially increase the value, and make it easier to sell. Or, you might want to add stylish, modern styling, for example, changing doorways, adding a deck, or replacing old windows.

Whatever your reason for updating your home, Ausgood Home improvement can give it a facelift at a fraction of the cost of demolishing and rebuilding. Older houses do not need to look old – they can look fantastic! With modern features and fixing the finishes, by changing old windows and doors, you can achieve an enormous amount with a modest investment.

Open up your interiors and create more space, enlarge some windows and let in the light, insert new doors and change the functions – suddenly, it is a new home. Change the layout of the kitchen, move it around to get a better view, add an outside deck and snap! It is an entertainer’s delight.

Or we can restore heritage buildings to the original look, removing makeshift structures and fixing problems like damp and poor ventilation, and undo the work of earlier renovations.


Building Extensions

If you have got a big renovation to achieve, Ausgood gets it done efficiently. No-one wins if a renovation runs over-time, and we put a lot of time into planning. We renovate the professional way, with project management software and accurate cost control.
Whether you’re working hard, or just having fun with your family, we make your home renovations/extensions & home alterations renovations easy.

Commitment, quality and experience – that’s what you get with Ausgood Home Improvements. Please call John on 0402 250 445 for free friendly advice and quote.


Adding a floor to your home

Home Addition: Adding a floor can be easiest – but it depends mainly on the existing foundations and structure – we have so much experience, we can tell you at a glance whether you can go up and still stay in budget.

Whether you can go up or out, you get a chance of a total makeover – change the roof and the roofline, add outside features to make an entrance, tie in the garage and make it look fantastic – a complete new house.

Commitment, quality and experience – that’s what you get with Ausgood Home Improvements. Please call John on 0402 250 445 for free friendly advice and quote.


Building under your home

Home Alterations Services Central Coast: Building under your home can be the least expensive options – we can lift your home, build new foundations and plumbing, and create a whole new floor – use it as a granny flat, or rent it out, or finally put the children downstairs.

We can raise the house if required; excavate to create more space to cater for that new bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.

Top Home Improvement Things to Do Before You Sell Your House

Selling your house gives you a list of things to do: pack up your belongings, forward your mail, vow to your kitchen sink that you'll never forget it. While all these things are important - you don't want your kitchen sink's hopes going down the drain - the importance of home improvement weighs heavier. After all, before you can leave your house you might need to sell it, and before you can do that, you might need to improve it. The following is a list of the most important things to do before placing your house on the market.




Get a Paint Job: Few things make a house look worse than chipped paint. Whether it's on the exterior of the house or behind a bedroom door where you think no one will notice, chipped paint is a quick way to find yourself chipping down the asking price.

Instead of presenting a house that looks neglected, leaving potential buyers to think that old paint is just the beginning, buy a few buckets, take a few days, and paint whatever in your house needs to be painted. If your house doesn't need an entirely new paint job, then simply touch up the areas that need some tender loving care.

Remember the Small Things: We often overlook the small things in favor of looking at the bigger picture, but it's the small things that make up the bigger picture. Not only is it amazing how much an attention to small details can improve the appeal of your house dramatically, but it's also amazing how affordable this kind of improvement can be. From something as simple as buying a new shower curtain to redoing the mail box, from planting flowers in the front yard to putting new drapes in the living room, the small changes you make can help make the entire home look detailed in more than one way.

Repair What Really Needs to Be Repaired: Improving your house before you sell it doesn't mean you should go around fixing everything in sight; chances are, everything in your house can use enhancement: it is, after all, used. Instead of trying to improve everything from the floor to the ceiling, focus on the things that really need repairing. If your carpet doesn't look brand new but good enough to last a few more years, leave it alone and instead replace the cracked bay window in your living room.

Pay Particular Attention to the Kitchen and Bathrooms: The kitchen and the bathroom are two places where we spend a lot of our time, though for very different reasons. Because we spend so much time in these rooms, we also spend time focusing on them. A dirty bathroom or a kitchen on its last leg will quickly ruin a potential sale. This isn't to say you should neglect every other room in your house, but put twice as much effort into them than you would, say, the basement.

Use Your Green Thumb or Hire Someone Else Who Has One: We don't all have a green thumb; in fact, some of us have an odd ability to kill anything with roots. If you don't have a green thumb, or at least some talent with gardening and landscaping, hire someone who does. Making the outside of your house look nice is as important as the inside's appeal. The landscaping is what potential buyers will first see and first notice and, as they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression.